The creation and development of a startup entails specific risks and challenges wich need to be safeguarded and mitigated. When a group of entrepreneurs gathers, there may be many challenges in the corporate” life of the society, as in, the relation between the shareholders / partners. The role that an expert lawyer in startups and experienced in creating is own startups, looks to combine in a project involving the creation of a company, is of note, particularly in the following areas:

  • Support in finding funding solutions for the project; allowing  to start or grow your business;
  • Preparation of business plans; so you never have surprises or lack planning;
  • Creation and registration of the company; in order to facilitate and thinking in the dayto-day life of an entrepreneur;
  • Tax planning; in order not to squander funds that may be needed in the development of the business;
  • Preparation of shareholder agreements; in order to regulate relations between the partners / shareholders;
  • Supporting entrepreneurs in their relations with institutional partners; because it is not always easy to understand all the implications of when we talk to a large player in the market;
  • Support in negotiations with venture capitalists, for example, Portugal Ventures;
  • Advising on sales negotiations of the company; to make you feel backed in one of the most conflicting moments in the life of an entrepreneur;
  • Support for project internationalization; in order to help the company grow;
  •  Preparation of remuneration schemes; in order to turn the remuneration paid to the management of the company, transparent and balanced;
  • Labor legal advice; in order to mitigate the difficulties of hiring the first employees.
With a versatile team and mastery of the most important areas we are the ideal partner in your project, do not hesitate to talk to us about any questions you have.